May 142014

I was tasked to find specific files on a drive and change them according to some rule. No problem I said, I’ll get the list of files with Directry.GetFiles(), enumerate the list and change each file. Sounded like taking candy from a baby, it just turned out to be a biig baby πŸ™‚
I ran into problems with the next line of code

var files = Directory.GetFiles("c:\\", "*.xml", SearchOption.AllDirectories);

It works fine… until it comes across a directory that we don’t have permission to browse and throws System.UnauthorizedAccessException. There is no way to skip such cases, no special parameter in GetFiles πŸ™
Luckily I wasn’t the first to hit this wall and there’s an easy solution

    private void AddFiles(string path, string searchPattern, IList<string> files)
            Directory.GetFiles(path, searchPattern)
                .ForEach(s => files.Add(s));

                .ForEach(s => AddFiles(s, searchPattern, files));
        catch (Exception ex)
            // carry on

And with this small method I was ready to search for files fearlessly through the wastelands of my drive.

List<string> files = new List<string>();
AddFiles(@"c:\", "*.xml", files);
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Dec 292013

I’m using Firefox for all my browsing needs, so far I’m pleased with it. As a windows developer I wasn’t using developer tools in FF very often and I was fine, but few weeks ago I started playing around with AngularJS (powerful JavaScript framework) so slowly I realized that dev tools in browsers were essential. My web developer buddy suggested switching to Chrome because of its powerful debugging tools, so I did.
To my regret using Chrome’s developer tools wasn’t working for me, every time I tried to use them the whole thing would freeze. After some googling I found solution to my problem. In Chrome settings under advanced settings there’s a check box Use hardware acceleration when available and after turning this option off (and restaring Chrome) everything works!
Hope this helps if you encounter similar problems and off I go to debug….

Oct 152013

The Geek Gathering is over πŸ™ I was fortunate enough to get a chance to join the conference. So what’s there to do/see at the geek fest? Although much of the non-geek population would avoid this gathering in a large circle it was actually pretty great. In short the facts are: 3 days, 2 locations, 15 sessions, 6 workshops, 2 parties and 200+ geeks….

Ok, now for the long story. It’ s nice to be at a conference that’s not that formal and everything is casually, slow and friendly. The sessions were great because the speakers were experts in their fields and it was easy to ask any question not only during the session but also anytime even on a coffee (beer) breaks. The topics were a bit eccentric / obscure / hipster, but bear in mind it’s the windows developer talking πŸ™‚ That’s actually why it was very interesting for me to see what’s over the fence.

All work and no play…. To avoid over stressing the attendees there were countermeasures in place, firstly retro gaming room which boasted the original Star-trek pin ball machine. There was also Nintendo Wii – the only sport a true geek practices πŸ™‚ On Friday there was a party at one of the locations in a Cheers cafe, I wasn’t there but the word is it was great. On Saturday there was a concert of popular Croatian punk-rock band Hladno Pivo (Cold Beer) that really rocked! Two hours of their greatest hits. What to say – FΓΌr immer Punk!
The after party was at Oxygen club – great party, lots of people, not only geeks – thankfully and lots and lots of huuuu huuuu πŸ™‚

OK, not everything’s coming up roses, so the first thing that bothered me was the two locations for sessions, and although the distance was only 150m, it made the networking tougher – geeks don’t walk fast πŸ™‚ The online schedule was kinda hard to read with sessions from different tracks listed one after another.
The problem with the workshops and lack of tables was fixed on Sunday, so it was no great problem after all.

With the first TGGCon behind us it’s time too try the new stuff learned from the sessions, increase connection list with some new names and wait for the next one to come!

Geeks Rule!

Some of the fellow geeks….why are you smiling guys πŸ˜‰

Oct 012013

Last Friday (13-09-20) came the much talked about iOS upgrade. It promised completely new and improved look’n’feel of iPhone and its siblings. Well for the NEW part fulfilled my expectations entirely, on the other hand the IMPROVED part…well you can be the judge of that…

First thing you notice is the complete overhaul of the UI, new icons, new typography, translucency. The icons are flatter, no border or shading, simple in design, actually the whole UI is flat. This is described as “bringing order to complexity”, but for me personally it’s kind of confusing. Buttons are border-less and look more like labels, that makes them hard to notice as they don’t stick out anymore. Icons are kinda childish, especially GameCenter with it’s new balloon look (almost like bubbles connected :))
On older handsets like iPhone the iOS7 is noticeably slower then v6. Opening apps like messaging or folders from home screen there’s a small delay, maybe 500ms, but enough to be noticed. opening the same app again doesn’t suffer the same delay, but it’s more an exception to rule. Some fluidity in use, inherent to the name iPhone is lost, but it shouldn’t be a problem for 4s, 5 and new 5s/c.
To put the design behind us, let’s see some of the new features. First there’s Control Center. Control Center lets you control some of the settings and apps from a unified screen by swiping upward from the bottom of the screen. Very useful and lets you control airplane mode, WI-fi rotation, Bluetooth, Do Not Disturb and rotation. It also offers shortcuts to flashlight (no need for 3rd party apps), calculator, clock and photo apps. There’s a media part where you can control music and also shortcuts to AirDrop and AirPlay. It really helps to quickly do some standard stuff, but again I’m not impressed with the look and flat, minimalist, gray icons. Here’s a screenshot:
Control Center

The what’s new list for new iOS7 is long, so these are just my first impressions. While it looks promising I’ll just ignore the system update notification on my iPad for now πŸ™‚

Sep 062013

There’s a new kid in town, new regional IT conference debuts on October 11th in Osijek. Three day conference promises to bring hot topics, top speakers and lots of time for networking.

Get mind blowing knowledge from brilliant IT people

The Geek Gatherings’ agenda is full of new “non standard” web technologies, JavaScript, cloud computing, big data, web application security and hybrid mobile development. Not to be all work and no play (you know what it does to people) there will be beer, “low-resolution robotic dance after parties” and a concert of great Croatian punk rock band – “Hladno Pivo” (Cold beer)

The attendance fee is a bit high but the usually early bird (and even preorder) are much more affordable and also there are discounts for students, Osijek Software City members or groups.

More info at the official conference site

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